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I need supporters for Opensim sharing sistem (based UUID's)
Anyone use to play in opensim and to upload some shitts on HG servers , means skins or objzcts or notecards with scripts that can be get it by using jely roll system , is free to join .

What i need is JUST ONE THREAD where we can share UUID's for skins or notecards with objects that can be used in any grid conected to HG (like OSGrid it is) by using jely roll..

I need to know what do you think about this and i need to know aswell if you wan to join on this , or any ideea about this .

ONLY UUID's that are working in OpenSim Big Grin .
You have to store such uuid's of anything in a grid database and not in the userdatabase of anyone, to where usually imported stuff will be stored.
Otherwise it want work-users want to upload it to their personal running environment.
Then you need an extra asset server to distribute all saved uuid to any connected user sim/installation. Thats like the sl central database. You dont want to copy sl? Wink Omg
Keep in mind thats a distribution of pirated/copied stuff.

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What is HG server? I have thought before there should be a freebie section for osgrid. Just makes sense really and would not take that much.
I call it like I see it.
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Im not sure to vote yet because we should think more.
This would be an easier way of sharing across grids true.
This would also make tracking properties exported from SL easier for the snitches and authorities tho.
The trade is make it easier for us to share across grids while making it easier to get caught.
I'm waiting for more discussion before voting Wink
Anyone doesn't understand what i wan is free to ask and anyone know the answear is welcome to share it Smile
No Andy i realy dont wan to copy that fucked sl lmao... But i've notice that OSGrid is connected to HyperGrid aswell and the inventory you have it in any grid connected to H.G. like OSGrid it is . Means that a asset UUID for a skin texture as example, uploaded in OSGrid can be used aswell in another grid too , like OSGrid it is.... So the assets must be stored in fact in the HG servers... If i am wrong , MadFoxx and Cohiba will tell me.. I realy need of the experience that they have in this domain for this thread Smile .
I think Andy is right on the need for servers to distribute the assets and it couldn't be done through the HG protocol but something like Aurora's multi grid setup which afaik is still in the development stage.

The idea of a "freebie" area where one could grab a copy of an item to take to another HG enabled Grid or Standalone is good, but I have not found bringing inventory over in that way to be very consistent. Besides that for now, Osgrid doesnt have a working outbound and though supposed to be fixed in a few days, a wait and see attitude the best as to whether it will be and for how long. Additionally there are 4 different HG versions right now so only ones on the very latest version could theoretically bring items over. The rest would have to wait until their grids are updated.

Best way I find for bringing items from Osgrid to my Diva region is by packing a bunch of items in the content folder of a prim and saving an oar on an empty sim in osgrid and then loading or merging the oar on my standalone. Then simply open and save the contents to my inventory.
Those oars are the best copybot out there. Everything is saved including scripts. Big Grin
I dont know how the backend handles inventory. I know it sort of packages it, so you have access to main inventory, but sharing inventory between grid users is a fail ( i never managed to give anything to a hypergrid user).

So i concur with Cohiba. OAR's are the way. What i also noticed, is that when you import an OAR from one grid to another, you become the creator of all these prims. This is by design of the OAR.

While that mechanism is still in place, solution to sharing should be relatively easy, share OAR's made on a private grid -> (temporary virtual machine), Lets make an angreement all people will use standard as name of OAR's Phillip Linden, and share those. If someone in an opensim based grid comes whining about botted stuff with your name on it -> points finger at OAR mechanism, no clue who previously owned that prim. File a DCMA and i will consider removing it, till that time, go whine at creator.... -> some dude named phillp Smile

Also mind that if you Share things which are Password protected, your not "publicly sharing" them by the letter of law. And that breaking passwords to see what is shared is not legal.

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(01-03-2011, 12:20 AM)Andro Wrote:

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IAR it is the way to save your inventory... It is something like a OAR , that can be saved and restored Big Grin
(01-03-2011, 12:20 AM)Andro Wrote:

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oops n/m the owner of the IAR has to be on the sim when either load or save is invoked...maybe a workaround?

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