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Anyone know of any opensim permissions hacks that allow you to move / edit stuff that doesn't belong to you?

I've seen some people doing it, and i wanna know how!
as owner, you can just TAKE some objects in your SIM region but if the script it is with ,,no modify,, inside , i am not so shure that you can modify it in the object that is not belong to you.. TO edit , yes... if you have a SIM region you can edit as ,,estate owner,, any object from your sim but only the position and texture and maybe to add or delete something from content.... Normaly the objects in your SIM belongs to you.. It is just a fairplay question when you rent the SIM to somebody...
Here again all depend of grids, if estate owner is set as full god you may do all, secondo you can always dump assets of your region (locales) and inject it to stand alone region then ...

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