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  I am finally back
Posted by: rugrat71 - 4 hours ago - Forum: INTRODUCTIONS - No Replies

Hello Everyone,

I have been out a while due to real life things going on. I had a hard time finding the forum, but I finally tripped back on it. My old computer died and all my bookmarks were on it. I am about to start my frequent post back to gain more status and I will begin to uploads things more frequently...right now I have a lot of crazy cool animations I will share soon. So look out for them.

Just call me Rugrat...nice to be back!!

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  How can I fix this please?
Posted by: FamousCousin - Yesterday, 07:46 AM - Forum: REQUEST - Replies (3)

Hello, I have a curious question...
I made a copy of a famous store hair, and I took a modify prim from an old hair from same store, and add it to the copied hair. 
Now the copied hair assumed the name of original creator, no matter if I unlink the original prim box from inside the hair, or unlink all mesh parts of hair, each part is always under creator name, and no transfer. So, I can't turn hair full perm again as when it was uploaded.
I already checked OnFirestorm and creator name is there in every part.
Sorry if the question is a bit confusing, but I am confusing with this anyway. 
So if aynone knows waht I did wrong here, I thank you in advance. Smile

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Tongue Francais manifestez vous ! :D
Posted by: zahia - 05-31-2020, 03:25 AM - Forum: Second Life - Replies (1)

Bonjour à tous,
Je me demandais si il y avait encore des francais actifs sur ce site...
Si oui manifestez vous, ca serait sympa de faire des échanges de nos connaissances dans la langue de molière Smile

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  Nice to meet you all! :)
Posted by: coffeejunkie - 05-30-2020, 10:01 PM - Forum: INTRODUCTIONS - Replies (1)

Hello everyone!

I'm excited to join this forum as I'm finally trying to really get into content creation with mesh clothing after being on the SL grid for way way too long. It's great to have a site where people can share items and receive help from one another. Looking forward to both learning from forum members and giving back to the site as I figure out what I'm doing.  Big Grin

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  Hi everyone I am new here
Posted by: Matumatias - 05-30-2020, 02:51 PM - Forum: INTRODUCTIONS - No Replies

Hi, I'm new here, and I only speak Spanish, but Googletranslate help me.  Big Grin

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  hi all
Posted by: serebrina - 05-30-2020, 02:15 PM - Forum: INTRODUCTIONS - No Replies

Ciao a tutti!
Sono nuova qua e spero vivamente di imparare cose nuove Smile

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Posted by: rickjamesbish - 05-27-2020, 11:06 AM - Forum: INTRODUCTIONS - No Replies

just lurking..
looking for help copying another avatar
would pay for services of course but yeh 
nice to meet y'all [:

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  AlexThorin has joined the fight!
Posted by: AlexThorin - 05-27-2020, 09:20 AM - Forum: INTRODUCTIONS - Replies (4)

<p>Not great at this stuff so lets keep it short an sweet.&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p>N00b coder, but with some decent ideas</p><p>Nothing better to do with my time</p><p>Rips textures to recolor</p><p>Rips mesh to do nothing with (because i'm bad with blender)</p><p>Totally not a skript kiddy (ya right)</p><p>Will have your back (if you have mine)</p><p>Loves to screw around and build random stuff</p><p>Looking for things to do with all that wasted time</p><p>Not enough time or care for fancy stuff. Quick and dirty is my style</p><p><br></p><p>Really wish i could look at PM's without having a higher rank but here we are!</p><p>&nbsp;PS, I love when tools to pirate stuff are paywalled. You think the pirating tool wont be pirated on a pirating site? HAH</p><p>Yarr matey</p>

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  How do you make mesh impossible to inspect?
Posted by: TheWalkingBread - 05-27-2020, 07:03 AM - Forum: Second Life - Replies (2)

Just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to make ripped mesh impossible to inspect. Realistically, you can't always be in a sim with zero other people right? In order for ripped mesh to have any purpose there has to be ways to make them impossible (or at least very difficult) to inspect so a-holes with nothing better to do don't go snitching on you. I know that unrigged mesh is impossible, people will always be able to easily select -> inspect, which is why I never rip unrigged mesh.

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Thumbs Up Introduction
Posted by: Francisco12 - 05-25-2020, 02:20 AM - Forum: INTRODUCTIONS - No Replies

Hello Everyone i am new and will be becoming an active member  Smile

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