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GoonLife SSB v2 [Windows, Linux & Mac]
GoonLife SSB released by Wish ! @wshdarkstorm


Important ! Stretched mesh issue fix/fitted mesh bug  ( NOT FIXING  BENTO "BUG" )

[To see links please register here]

AND - nobody from leecher usergroup get any keys . Its mentioned with yellow letters at the bottom of the post. But somehow people keep asking for a key. Read forum guidelines instead. 

[To see links please register here]


[Image: ZT0elGa.png]

CopyBot and Additional Features include:
rip textures,
rip and download animations,
rip and download sounds,
UUID selector.
Shift Left rip texture/ shift right rips sculp to prims.
Upload gestures notecards lsl wearables free using bulk upload.
Right click copybot on radar
Bulk upload of temp textures
Ripping of all particle scripts in sim or from selected object
Local inventory for loading of assets for single session use
Ability to use UUID keys in the inbuilt AO
Ability to set custom mouselook crosshairs or choose from the list of preloaded crosshairs
Avatar target name on mouselook and whether your have them in target
Ability to zoom right in using right mouse button and scroll
Right click save as inventory backup (assets)
Keytool will also inject wearable using the uuid.
Sitting detection to radar so you can tell if the faggot is sitting or not.
Messagebuilder/Messagelog – wingridproxy type intercept read and inject message packets

GoonLife Dropdown Menu features:
*Close all Dialogs,
*Block Dialogs,
*Delete all your objects,
*Fake away status,
*Forced Ground sit,
*Phantom, *Go Invisible,
*Undeform avatar,
*TP Safety,
*Tp to Ground,
*GoonLife Tools,
*Animation Override,
*Nimble, *Resit,
*Pose Stand,
*Object area search,
*Clipboard Keytool,
*Local Assets,
*Sound Explorer,
*Vfs Explorer,
*Rip Particles,
*Message Circuits.

fixed bugs on GoonLife:
menu edit option
open scripts crashed
import/export bugs
avatar textures
... & more

DL Windows

[To see links please register here]

DL Linux

[To see links please register here]


[To see links please register here]


You CANNOT run this viewer until King or wish , or Nails provide you with an activation key.

And AGAIN!!! What we need from you to create your keys!!!!

[Image: 14smrlx.jpg]

We need the number from when you click the button (it won't show until you hit Ctrl V to paste.)

***Send Private Message for key (this means you must have PM ability (over 21 posts).

DO NOT SPAM THE FORUM WITH 20 - 21 RANDOM  POSTS !  Bother to read  

[To see links please register here]

[Image: 2rxiufl.png]

[To see links please register here]

[To see links please register here]


[To see links please register here]

thx u hun for this viewer and the wish thx too for ur work
[Image: 2z6ec29.png]
need help making my viewer work
i try...gut I cant copy vendors objects

Porque le pones Clave ? inútil este visor si eres nuevo en el foro
2 quick questions: 1) with the blocks of older firestom viewers starting on the 18th, is this in any way going to affect goonlife since its mostly firestorm based, and when can we expect a new version?

2) all of a sudden i am unable to load goolife because i get a " the program can't start because MSVCP100.dll is missing" error. funny because it has been working just fine the last few months and now pfffft
any clue?
^ _ ^
(11-25-2013, 11:05 AM)schneider142 Wrote:

[To see links please register here]

WOW nice job!!! & thanks for this nice viewer!

maybe you didnt read the yellow part ... if you did you probably wouldn't have commented , i know when i saw it as a leecher i didn't comment either because only green or red names can activate it lol
exist one copybot worked for mesh? darkstorm not working
Thanks Will be trying this hopefully itll allow me to export shapes xD
Thank you so much Smile

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