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Im sorry....
For myself for not finding this page any sooner :angel:

Hi from the netherlands, and thnx for letting me on your Boards.
I see i have loads to read & learn. :exclamation:

[Image: hHC6ptC.jpg]

welcome enjoy ya time haven fun be nice make friends fuck lindens steal content laugh in there face rape them with a Sickle Big Grin
MadFoxx Welcome to the fourms ^_^
[Image: r7olr6.jpg]

Welcome, yes there is tons to read and learn here and some very good people to share it with.
Eindelijk dat werd tijd!

finaly he is in!

you have work foxx Wink
[Image: previewhy.png]
Long Life KGG(we zullen doorgaan!!!)
Hello :p

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